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Current Enviromental Conditions 

The weather condition remains Prime throughout Southeastern Wisconsin, with a prime outlook coming out of summer in the near term.

The vegetable crop will produce a hearty bounty in both quality and abundance for you diligent growers.  Weed control will be the only deterrent, but by now you have put in your time in that regard.

The apple crop will be enormous, not just compared to last year, but historically.  Remember a fruit tree that struggles in the previous year returns robustly the following and we all remember last years terrible growing condition.

The pumpkin crop will be large, your tomato plants will harvest several times, and your perennials will expand at remarkable percentages.

This early autumn will be a perfect time to plant foundation shrubs and perennials at your home.  Strong plant material combined with lower soil temperatures and abundant soil moisture will offer a perfect condition for short term acclamation required for late summer and early autumn plantings.

Same holds true with tree installations.  There actually has been risk of overwatering large root masses this year. An over-correction of last years watering habits.

If you intend on applying a lawn of grass this fall, the weather condition should offer confidence in both seeded lawn and sod applications.

Here at Natures Nook we have always favored sodded lawns for their ease of maintenance and stronger first effort results.  But make no mistake; seeded lawns installed in 2+ inches of soil tolerate a wider range of future weather conditions, like drought or flood.

But also we must remark about the “human factor” in this weather condition report.  To be out doors this year has been a delight.  Calm wind, pleasant air temperatures, humidity of lower percentages all combine to make the outdoor experience worth the effort.

Landscape should be about 3 things.  First and foremost; control of the environment such as grade stabilization, water abatement and usability.  Second is the function and appeal of the space, does it suit your need?  But third is the enjoyment you derive from spending time in it and this year my friends, the weather is Prime!

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